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Schließung von Bereitschaftsdienstpraxen: Die Wachsende Lücke in der Ambulanten Versorgung

In recent years, the face of medical care in Germany has changed significantly, especially in regions such as Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. A worrying development is the closure of on-call practices, which make up a significant part of outpatient care. This development has led to a growing gap in emergency medical care and poses new challenges for patients.

Why are on-call practices closed?

  1. Lack of staff: A major reason for the closure of on-call practices is the lack of qualified medical staff. Doctors are rare, especially in rural areas, making it difficult to operate emergency clinics.
  2. Cost pressure: Financial pressures and budget constraints in healthcare mean that facilities are forced to reduce costs. This can lead to the closure of practices to compensate for financial shortfalls.

The impact on patients:

  1. Limited access: The closure of on-call practices means limited access to medical care outside of regular consultation hours. Patients face challenges when they require medical attention outside of these hours.
  2. Overwhelming Emergency Rooms: With the decline in on-call practices, emergency departments are often the only available option for patients outside of regular hours. This leads to overloaded emergency rooms and longer waiting times for all patients, including those with acute problems.

Possible solutions:

  1. Promoting telemedicine and private medical services: Promoting telemedicine and private medical services can reduce the pressure on physical practices. Virtual and private medical visits can provide quick and effective help, especially for non-life-threatening situations.
  2. Investing in health workforce: Increased training and employment of physicians and medical staff can help alleviate workforce shortages and increase the availability of medical services.


The closure of on-call practices poses a serious challenge to the healthcare system. It is critical that policymakers, healthcare providers and the community work together to find innovative solutions. Promoting telemedicine and private medical services, investing in health workers and improved planning can help bridge the growing gap in outpatient care. Population health should always be our focus as we look for sustainable solutions to ensure access to healthcare for all.

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